When old is new and new is old: Or should that be “When olde is new and new is olde, ye varlot?

While the debate should continue on at the bars, car shows and other sundry and assorted venues that the Beta Blockers have played long after the confetti has been cleared away, the non-controversy regarding the Beta Blockers’ updated logo is precariously close to at hand.

“I like it,” one Beta Blocker commented.

“I like it too,” another seconded.

“Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead,” yet another Beta suggested, fully unaware that Admiral David Farragut had initiated the phrase during the War Between The States.

The cause of this eminently forgettable posting is that the venerable rockers have updated their logo.

“The old logo was fine, but it looked like the nose guard of a Norman era helmet”, one member of the band who wished to be anonymous stated.

“And he would know,” said another bandmate, who, while wishing to similarly remain anonymous still managed to include a comment about a fellow Beta Blocker that was totally devoid of merit, maintained “he absolutely would know for certain because I’m pretty sure that he was there when William the Conqueror invaded England in 1776.”

“1066”, the other Betas soon corrected.

“Or thereabouts,” the original Beta Blocker added, attempting to save face.

A spokesperson for The Beta Blockers interpreted the comment to mean that “the Betas liked the new logo, but felt obliged to dismiss the reference to the Norman Conquest out of a sense of propriety and benign respect for the late great Duchy of Normandy.

“Duchy was a great guy you have to remember. Deserves respect even for a guy who prances around in tights”.

“Well, he might have been there when William conquered the Normans, but he would have been too young to remember the whole nine yards accurately,” The Professor maintained. “And besides, you have to feel for anyone who is officially named Duchy even if you spell it ‘Dutchie’ and is nearly a thousand years old. Now, if this were something akin to ‘Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side’, a great old tune,i t would be a different story altogether. And we would probably argue about doing it in the band.  It would be too slow or too fast, no hook, or forgettable lyrics, but we would do it anyway.”

And that’s how  whatever happened, happened.

BTW, Eric Idle liked the logo and the comments on Facebook too.