Water conservation is just as important now as it was in the beginning of the summer – in fact, water conservation is something we can do year round! PMG works with many independent water districts and understands the importance of water conservation during peak season (May through September) and throughout the year. Here are some things that you can do in and outside of your home to help conserve:

  • Check your appliances and fix leaks that have the potential to waste gallons of water, even tiny ones!
  • Run your dishwasher and washing machine only when they are fully loaded.
  • Use EPA WaterSense labeled products like toilets, shower heads and faucets.
  • Water lawns in the early morning or evening to beat evaporation.
  • Keep plants moist with mulch, which also prevents run-off and controls weeds.
  • When you’re finished mowing, leave the grass clippings on the lawn to boost water retention and help grass grow thicker.

For more information about water conservation, check out your local water district’s website!